Thursday, November 28, 2013

Johor 2013 (Lunch Part 2): Kerala curry fish head and banana leaf

Dr Seuss would love this ~ Going to the South, for South Indian Curry.. Pop them in the mouth, you'll fly to the cloud!

I am not a fish eater, but a piece of fragrant fried fish with spices always make great combi with curry soaked banana leaf rice.

The beauty of eating in big group. We get to order extra. And share the love...

I have always love fried fish to go with banana leaf. The fragrant from the spices used to marinate the fish mix well with the banana leaf rice. And they usually use Tenggiri (spanish mackerel), which is meaty and easy to eat (not many bones and easily picked out). The shop cut the fish in big chunk, so you are assured of a fulfilling portion.

The curry fish head is sourish and strongly spiced up. 

Tuck in...... No time to waste....
Down it with cooling lime juice!

Address: 77 Jalan Storey, Kim Teng Park, Johor Bahru, 80300
Phone: +60 7 223 4282

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Johor 2013 (Lunch Part 1): Restoran Sedap

Work has brought me to the Southern Gateway.. And was I lucky to be accompanied by a fellow Johorean who brought us to all the good food. Yums..
The restaurant has been around since 1987. So that should mean something right?
The restaurant offers a variety of kuih-muih (cakes and desserts). Mostly are nyonya kuih.

I got to try out one of this coconut/screwpine pudding, which is more of a Thai dessert. The saltiness from the coconut and sweetness from the screwpine mixed with the fragrance from both ingredient is such a powerful combination.
Then, there is this Bandung with a twist ~ Bandung Soda. That's quite refreshing.
My friend ordered a tom yum.. Didn't get a taste of it, as it looks too little
We also ordered fried chicken. It was crisply fried but not well marinated. Pretty typical fried chicken, I would say..
Okay, okay.. I know this is not right... Coming to Johor and eat a steamed otak-otak? Isn't that a Northern thing??
Well I guess it is proven that you should stick to the Southern otak-otak..
Another friend ordered Cantonese Fried (above). I decided for Mee Bandung, a Southern famous fried noodles (Malay/Bandung Style).. Taste a bit ketchupy.. But the half cooked egg saved the day :P

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Restoran Anggrek Kuring

Puchong.. The name itself already sounded far fetch to me. What more when some of my Muslim colleagues ask me to bring them for some good food in Puchong. Stress!
As much as I love variety and food venture, I have limited experience to offer. So it was fortunate to bump into Anggrek Kuring when we came to Puchong for some work related matters.

Location: No.30-1, Jalan Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Rating: Good
To tell the truth.. Even before the food came. I am already bought over by the soft ambience. I mean, can you imagine to walk in from the noisy environment outside, into a quiet soothing room like this..

We asked the waiter to recommend us on what drink to take. He said Kopi-O Kelapa. I was speechless... Kopi-O in malaysia means black coffee and Kelapa means coconut. black coffee with coconut??? Nah... It is actually Kopior Kelapa. A blended mixture of coconut flesh and its juice. Trust me... One glass is not enough.

My friend ordered Nasi Timbel. It is basically rice wrapped in banana leaf, served with deep fried chicken , fried beancurd, prawn crackers and skewered meat/prawn. In the olden days, people wrapped food in banana leaf because (1) there was no such thing as plastic/metal containers, and (2) banana leaf is a very effective preserver (food won't turn bad for a longer time). But for those who have tried a banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak (coconut milk rice), the aroma contributed by the banana leaf is unforgettable.

I ordered Nasi Ayam Panggang. It comes with a quarter roasted chicken, fried beancurd, skewered prawns, chilli/sambal prawns and prawn crackers. I can't say much about this. It is not particularly aromatic or tasty. But... the redemption comes in the sambal in the following pic.
Ah.. this is the one.... The sambal has a tinged of soybean in it. So I suspected this is not really Sambal Terasi (of Sundanese cuisine) but Sambal Taucho (of Sulawesi origin). One thing is for sure, the sambal is "endearingly" spicy. This is the center of attraction for all of us, as it pulls all the flavour and tecture togather and make our meal interesting.

While flipping through the menu, I came across an interesting side dish called Pepes Jamur. I guess anything wrapped and grilled in banana leaf is called pepes. Jamur stands for mushrooms. I'd expected strong aroma and taste from this side dish, but it came pretty bland. The good thing is you can still taste the flavour of mushrooms, despite many ingredients combined in this dish. On the other hand, it seemed kind of wasted that so many ingredients and it still came out bland. Maybe it is my expectation that needs adjustment. My mind is already fixed with the idea of otak-otak, which is stronger in flavour and aroma.
I got this map from its website. An interesting place to go, if you are bored with the usual Malay, Chinese & Indian fare.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Quickie: Marmalade @ Publika

Since becoming mommy, there's not much of me time unless you count bathroom time as one. And meeal time is always a rush to serve the kids and keeping them entertain while gobbling down the cold food or warm ice cream. Sigh..
So I count this as blessing when I found a place that the kids can eat and have fun, while we adults can enjoy our warm meal at our own leisure pace. Ah......

So far we find the food decent and quite refreshing. I like the surprising burst of taste from cranberries here, sprinkles of almonds there.

I like the balanced proportion of meat and vegetation. I learnt to appreciate the feeling of satisfied but not stuffed.

And as parents, we are glad they take effort to prepare healthier version of food like preservative free sausages and stuff.

And the kids get to enjoy!
And so are the parents..

Friday, February 08, 2013

Gopeng Lai Fun Tou

With smartphone.. I hope I can make a come back. Haha.. (but bare with my spelling mistakes. Fat fingers..)
And my post this time is a revisit by chance.. Coming back from KL for the festive celebration is a real torture. We started off at 4pm and reach Ipoh at 10pm. All rest stops are jammed with cars and people. And most of the famous makan place like rawang steam fish, ulu yam loh mee, bidor duck noodles and kampar claypot rice are jammed packed as well. BUT this is one place that we can still enjoy good food at our own pace and space.
I like it for its simple homemade quality. All things from the rice noodles (lai fun) to the fish pastes (liu) are all freshly made on the spot. I am never a fan of lai fun. I don't like the chewy-unbreakable texture of the normal lai fun. But this one is nicely adjusted to give the smooth surface without the chewy feeling. The soup is clear fish stock without the artificial flavour. The fish pastes are all very solid. It is interesting to find not only spring onion but sesame in the noodles soup. I won't say the food is superb. But I would say they are simply fulfilling.

Most stuff are lapped up by customers within minutes they came out from kitchen. So the window time to visit this place is 8pm to 9.30pm.

Direction: from NSE's Gopeng exit traffic light, take a right turn towards Gopeng town. Turn right on the second traffic light into Taman Gopeng Baru. Go straight through 5 road bumps. Along the way you will pass by residential houses. Turn left to the shophouses after the 5 bumps. You wil find the nameless but pretty famous shop. Have fun!