Saturday, July 13, 2013

Johor 2013 (Lunch Part 1): Restoran Sedap

Work has brought me to the Southern Gateway.. And was I lucky to be accompanied by a fellow Johorean who brought us to all the good food. Yums..
The restaurant has been around since 1987. So that should mean something right?
The restaurant offers a variety of kuih-muih (cakes and desserts). Mostly are nyonya kuih.

I got to try out one of this coconut/screwpine pudding, which is more of a Thai dessert. The saltiness from the coconut and sweetness from the screwpine mixed with the fragrance from both ingredient is such a powerful combination.
Then, there is this Bandung with a twist ~ Bandung Soda. That's quite refreshing.
My friend ordered a tom yum.. Didn't get a taste of it, as it looks too little
We also ordered fried chicken. It was crisply fried but not well marinated. Pretty typical fried chicken, I would say..
Okay, okay.. I know this is not right... Coming to Johor and eat a steamed otak-otak? Isn't that a Northern thing??
Well I guess it is proven that you should stick to the Southern otak-otak..
Another friend ordered Cantonese Fried (above). I decided for Mee Bandung, a Southern famous fried noodles (Malay/Bandung Style).. Taste a bit ketchupy.. But the half cooked egg saved the day :P