Friday, February 08, 2013

Gopeng Lai Fun Tou

With smartphone.. I hope I can make a come back. Haha.. (but bare with my spelling mistakes. Fat fingers..)
And my post this time is a revisit by chance.. Coming back from KL for the festive celebration is a real torture. We started off at 4pm and reach Ipoh at 10pm. All rest stops are jammed with cars and people. And most of the famous makan place like rawang steam fish, ulu yam loh mee, bidor duck noodles and kampar claypot rice are jammed packed as well. BUT this is one place that we can still enjoy good food at our own pace and space.
I like it for its simple homemade quality. All things from the rice noodles (lai fun) to the fish pastes (liu) are all freshly made on the spot. I am never a fan of lai fun. I don't like the chewy-unbreakable texture of the normal lai fun. But this one is nicely adjusted to give the smooth surface without the chewy feeling. The soup is clear fish stock without the artificial flavour. The fish pastes are all very solid. It is interesting to find not only spring onion but sesame in the noodles soup. I won't say the food is superb. But I would say they are simply fulfilling.

Most stuff are lapped up by customers within minutes they came out from kitchen. So the window time to visit this place is 8pm to 9.30pm.

Direction: from NSE's Gopeng exit traffic light, take a right turn towards Gopeng town. Turn right on the second traffic light into Taman Gopeng Baru. Go straight through 5 road bumps. Along the way you will pass by residential houses. Turn left to the shophouses after the 5 bumps. You wil find the nameless but pretty famous shop. Have fun!