Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tupai Tupai

It was a rainy weekday evening, Kuala Lumpur is at its usual pace (or should I say stall). All roads leading home were packed with vehicles. Angry drivers honking and squeezing for space.. We had decided to abandon the chaos and turn into this little "sanctuary" for some peace and quiet.
Tupai Tupai offers halal chinese meals that includes buffet steamboat. But we din't really order any chinese cooking.
Did we like it? It was pretty nice.
The environment was quiet enough with soft furnishings and lightings, but due to the lush green surroundings, we were bugged by mosquitoes under the table.
We ordered fried rice in malay village style (nasi goreng kampung). It was a bit too oily. But flavour wise it was acceptable. I supposed for those that cannot take spicy, this is not for you.
The fried kai lan (green mustard leaf) with salted fish is fresh and crunchy. It was actually very refreshing considering we ordered a lot of heavy flavoured meat dishes.
We ordered a tom yum soup. I was a bit disappointed as it taste much like coming from the ready made paste. 
The fried prawn with sambal petai was acceptable because the large prawns were fresh. I would have preferred more petai though.
The highlight of the evening was in fact the satay. The beef tenderloin satay was juicy and thoroughly marinated. Don't worry that the fragrant of meet may be snatched away by the strong spices and flavours. I think the thickness of the meat makes the combination of flavours and spices complementary on each other.

The sauce was pretty runny and not particularly strong or creamy. But that suit us well since we enjoy the meat itself.
I like the meats' soft texture and not chewy. If I go back to Tupai Tupai, this is the one thing I will order again.

If you are like me, not sure where to eat during the jams, why not head to Tupai Tupai:
No 551 A&B, Jalan Bukit Petaling, Off Jalan Istana, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 2143 2525