Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Nostalgic revisit to Law Chang Kee In Nibong Tebal

   My dad, being in transport business, frequently brought us travelling through the north and south trunk road. He would stopped at the different towns and introduced us to some of the good eats there.
So when we travelled back from Penang using the new 2nd link, I took the opportunity to stop by Nibong Tebal for dinner. I told the lil monsters this is where their gong gong brought mommy for dinner when mommy was their age. 

I also took the opportunity to introduce the lil monsters to my favourite prawn dish that their po po used to cook for the family. I wonder assam prawn is a teo chew or hokkien dish but it is a taste that remains strong in my heart.

I found this fried potato leaves with tau choo (fermented soy bean) on the menu list. PM requested for this vege, and it was a good and interesting choice. 

Of course I have to also order this soup, since it forms part of my childhood memory of this place. The lil monsters loved it all the same. Crunchy fish balls, tasty seaweed..
Ben gave a thumbs up for this "Tri-Flavour Fish". Deep fried threadfin fish fillet laden with thinly shredded fried ginger and drizzled with sweet sour sauce. The kick comes from the chopped chilli padi. Goes really well with white rice.
For the lil monsters, I have also included this prawn meat roll in my order. They walloped most of the pieces, leaving Ben and me just enough to taste. Sigh.. haven't I told you they are monsters?

By 7pm, the place is quite packed. Lucky we reach there before that. It was a good meal. Good then, still good now.
Oh I miss you papa..