Thursday, November 28, 2013

Johor 2013 (Lunch Part 2): Kerala curry fish head and banana leaf

Dr Seuss would love this ~ Going to the South, for South Indian Curry.. Pop them in the mouth, you'll fly to the cloud!

I am not a fish eater, but a piece of fragrant fried fish with spices always make great combi with curry soaked banana leaf rice.

The beauty of eating in big group. We get to order extra. And share the love...

I have always love fried fish to go with banana leaf. The fragrant from the spices used to marinate the fish mix well with the banana leaf rice. And they usually use Tenggiri (spanish mackerel), which is meaty and easy to eat (not many bones and easily picked out). The shop cut the fish in big chunk, so you are assured of a fulfilling portion.

The curry fish head is sourish and strongly spiced up. 

Tuck in...... No time to waste....
Down it with cooling lime juice!

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