Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Quickie: Marmalade @ Publika

Since becoming mommy, there's not much of me time unless you count bathroom time as one. And meeal time is always a rush to serve the kids and keeping them entertain while gobbling down the cold food or warm ice cream. Sigh..
So I count this as blessing when I found a place that the kids can eat and have fun, while we adults can enjoy our warm meal at our own leisure pace. Ah......

So far we find the food decent and quite refreshing. I like the surprising burst of taste from cranberries here, sprinkles of almonds there.

I like the balanced proportion of meat and vegetation. I learnt to appreciate the feeling of satisfied but not stuffed.

And as parents, we are glad they take effort to prepare healthier version of food like preservative free sausages and stuff.

And the kids get to enjoy!
And so are the parents..