Thursday, May 25, 2017

Restoran Foon Lock @ Kampung Bukit Tinggi

I love to stop by Kampung Bukit Tinggi whenever I travel to either Genting or Berjaya's Bukit Tinggi. I would eat and shop some unique foodstuff there. So far, we kept going back to Restoran Foon Lock as we miss some of the food there. 
One of its specialty is the Sang Har Don Fun (freshwater prawn glass noodles). 

The prawns are extra large (to the extent that you'll find meat in the prawns' claws). It is slightly spicy so kids may not be suitable. 

Claypot ginger wine chicken 

Double-boiled freshwater turtle soup (Don't ask about the taste, I didn't take it)

Deep fried tofu. Not memorable.

Kids and visitors' favourite. Stir-fried Crispy Pork Belly. It is thinly cut. Crispy and tastes salty-sweet.

Another specialty of Foon Lock: Claypot Freshwater Fish. To tell the truth, I don't really get this dish. The only plus I see this is that the claypot keep the fish warm. Other than that, it is much the same like a steam fish.
Traffic and parking is a problem there. People goes there during weekends for food and shopping vegetables (especially ginger). But going there once a while on holiday, it is still bearable.

MAP: Google map to Foon Lock

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hoong Tho, eating memories

It was at least 25 years back when we would visit Hoong Tho, for Wat Tan Hor, Jar Wanton, Yue Sang Juk and Yue Watt Yee Meen. Along the way, we stopped coming due to the area turning touristy and the sometimes exorbitant price they charged during the festive seasons. But there are some good memories with my family that jam or price cannot stop me from coming back, though not as often.

I remembered having Yue Watt (fish paste) in Hoong Tho. So we ordered a plate of Giong Choong Yue Watt (Fish Paste Fried with Ginger and Spring Onion)

We also ordered Jar Chuen Kuen (Fried Spring Roll)

Wat Tan Hor - Flat rice noodles with smooth egg sauce

Hoong Tho Meen - basically yee meen (dried fried yellow noodles) with thick sauce with sprinkles of Har Ji (shrimp toast)

As kids, the highlight of our visit is the fried wanton with sweet sour sauce. I remembered that dad always had to request for extra sauce because we kids love them.
Now the same thing applied to the next generation. Wonder if the kids will have similar fond memories like we did.

Personal glimpse: The fondest memory I had was having Yue Pin Juk (Fish Slice Porridge). This was where I was introduced and where I fell in love with cantonese porridge. They used to set up a small stove at the front of the shop to serve up this dish. But now they no longer serve porridge in Hoong Tho. Maybe some things are best left in the corner of our mind to be drawn out once in a while and reminisced. The longer it is kept, the sweeter they are.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

En En Coffee Shop (fka Deli Miu Cafe)

I wonder if I have shared Deli Miu Cafe before. If yes, then this is just an updated name of the shop. The stalls are still the same.
 So what's good here? 
The noodles. The chicken. And the satay.

This is Hokkien Char with meatballs. Basically it is fried noodles with soy sauce accompanied by some meat  (here they serve with fish, prawn and meatballs) and vegetables. If you like spicy, mixed in some sambal belacan into your noodles and your Hokkien Char is elevated to a different level.

The belacan chicken wings is another must if you are a meat lover. The chicken is fragrant. Crunchy on the outside and tender inside.

The highlight for our family is the Mee Sua Gor. This is rice vermicelli cooked in thick soup. It is eaten with black vinegar. For better kick, add in pickled green chilli. My kids had 3 bowls each.

The satay is nice. The pork satay is even better. It tasted like Thai bbq skewered pork. The meat is tender and full flavoured.
Map: Google Map to En En
Look for: Maybank/Petron along Jalan Ayer Itam