Wednesday, May 03, 2017

En En Coffee Shop (fka Deli Miu Cafe)

I wonder if I have shared Deli Miu Cafe before. If yes, then this is just an updated name of the shop. The stalls are still the same.
 So what's good here? 
The noodles. The chicken. And the satay.

This is Hokkien Char with meatballs. Basically it is fried noodles with soy sauce accompanied by some meat  (here they serve with fish, prawn and meatballs) and vegetables. If you like spicy, mixed in some sambal belacan into your noodles and your Hokkien Char is elevated to a different level.

The belacan chicken wings is another must if you are a meat lover. The chicken is fragrant. Crunchy on the outside and tender inside.

The highlight for our family is the Mee Sua Gor. This is rice vermicelli cooked in thick soup. It is eaten with black vinegar. For better kick, add in pickled green chilli. My kids had 3 bowls each.

The satay is nice. The pork satay is even better. It tasted like Thai bbq skewered pork. The meat is tender and full flavoured.
Map: Google Map to En En
Look for: Maybank/Petron along Jalan Ayer Itam

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