Monday, February 18, 2008

Raja Burger Malaysia

Who doesn't know about Penang Gurney Drive. It's such a famous hawker food haunt (though I wouldn't say the food there is good). My sis discovered this very interesting combination of East meets West innovation. The owner, Mr Azlan Shah and Ibrahim runs the stall here. You can find many many types of burgers and kebabs from Super Burger, Royal Deluxe Burger, Prawn Burger to all types of Kebabs from Tuekey Kebabs, Mutton Kebabs to Shammi Kebabs.

Location : Gurney Drive, Penang (5pm-12am)
Rating : Interesting

My sister ordered a Minced Meat Dosai and a Royal Deluxe Burger. The sheer size of both the burgers already sent a shock to me. It's almost 18cm in diameter, and you can see how thick it is in the photo below. Luckily, they are considerate enough to cut it into 4 pieces or I believe we are going to have hell of a problem trying to hold everything togather.
How does it taste like? All I can say is that it tastes like a murtabak with the skin made of bun. What's more, the meat is also added with cashew nuts, raisins and spices that reminded me of briyani rice. It is truly a combination by a western mamak.

But taste wise, it really depends on your personal preference. I don't really fancy it for being too heavily laced with spices. And I feel that the spices do not really blend in that well. Nevertheless, it is an interesting find. What do you think?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Village Park @ Damansara Utama

Bring me to P.J. or Damansara and I am as blind as a bat. Blind because I am a total idiot of my whereabouts here. Luckily Ben knows a bit about this place and he brought me to this wonderful shop. I love nasi lemak (coconut milk rice). Being a truly Malaysian, I love my nasi lemak full cream with hefty serving of sambal (thick chili gravy). And this shop sure knows my taste.

Location: Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya (Tel: 03-7710 7860, in case you are as blur as I am)

Rating: Very good

I decided I want to test rendang daging (beef cooked in thick coconut & chili gravy with loads of spices). So I had a nasi lemak with rendang daging. The rice is fluffy and fully fragrant. The sambal is slightly sweet and not very spicy (to my standard). And the beef... ooh... I am missing it already. The meat is so tender and fully infused with the fragrance of spices, coconut milk and lil bit of chili. I just can't get that feeling/taste/texture out of my head. I must go there again.Ben ordered nasi lemak with rendang chicken. The meat is just as tender, but the aroma not as strong as beef. There are other delicious food but I did not manage to take. My dad tried the nasi dagang with fish curry. They are just as great, and very filling. I have not tried any of the noodles though. Heh heh.. I am very much what the Chinese call "Fan Thong", which literally means rice bucket. I love rice and I can't stay long without rice. Afterall, I am just another Asian.
Anyway, drinks are rather normal. I ordered a tropical blend and Ben ordered a white coffee. Nothing much to say, but the food you must try!
p/s: Sorry for the long disappearing act. Kinda got caught up with many many happenings in life.