Saturday, February 02, 2008

Village Park @ Damansara Utama

Bring me to P.J. or Damansara and I am as blind as a bat. Blind because I am a total idiot of my whereabouts here. Luckily Ben knows a bit about this place and he brought me to this wonderful shop. I love nasi lemak (coconut milk rice). Being a truly Malaysian, I love my nasi lemak full cream with hefty serving of sambal (thick chili gravy). And this shop sure knows my taste.

Location: Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya (Tel: 03-7710 7860, in case you are as blur as I am)

Rating: Very good

I decided I want to test rendang daging (beef cooked in thick coconut & chili gravy with loads of spices). So I had a nasi lemak with rendang daging. The rice is fluffy and fully fragrant. The sambal is slightly sweet and not very spicy (to my standard). And the beef... ooh... I am missing it already. The meat is so tender and fully infused with the fragrance of spices, coconut milk and lil bit of chili. I just can't get that feeling/taste/texture out of my head. I must go there again.Ben ordered nasi lemak with rendang chicken. The meat is just as tender, but the aroma not as strong as beef. There are other delicious food but I did not manage to take. My dad tried the nasi dagang with fish curry. They are just as great, and very filling. I have not tried any of the noodles though. Heh heh.. I am very much what the Chinese call "Fan Thong", which literally means rice bucket. I love rice and I can't stay long without rice. Afterall, I am just another Asian.
Anyway, drinks are rather normal. I ordered a tropical blend and Ben ordered a white coffee. Nothing much to say, but the food you must try!
p/s: Sorry for the long disappearing act. Kinda got caught up with many many happenings in life.

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