Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quickie : Mee Rebus Ramli

This shop that is currently situated in Tasek and has a branch opposite Jubilee Park in Ipoh town holds really nostalgic value for me. You see, I used to visit a wooden stall in Kampung Tawas beside the pasar (market) for this addictive mee rebus (literally blanched noodles, but it was actually noodles in thick sweet potato gravy with spices). The humble stall was manned by a young man (a Malay guy) with his second man (a Singh). That was at least 15 years ago. The owner has since grown his business from a humble start to where he is now. So Malaysians, have faith in yourself, no matter what business you are in. What's important is your wholeheartedness and determination.The soup was thick and creamy. You can taste the fragrance of sweet potato with meat stock and spices. And the combination with noodles and fritters were heavenly. But that was last time. Sad to say that the last 2 times I visited both the Tasek and town establishment, I found the quality of soup overwhelmed with the taste of chili sauce. I wished you had tried the original noodles to know how good it was. Now, my only hope is that the owner will realise of his mistake before it is too late.

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