Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kung Fu Pan Meen

I saw the photos in Boolicious page and I can't forget the voluptious looking pan meen. It looks so enticing that I kept going back to that page long after it has been replaced with many other updates. And the day that Ben has the mood to explore, I took up the chance and led him to this place. The result? No regrets.

Location: 28 Jalan Sri Sentosa 9A, Off Old Klang Road, K.L. (u'll need a map)
Rating: Good

As usual, while waiting for our orders to come, I will take whatever they offer on the table. I love the fact that they gave us the freedom to choose how sour we want for our noodles. There are cut limes kept in a container for you to squeeze to your heart's content.The sambal belacan (prawn paste chili sauce) is fragrant and thick. Ben ordered a dry thin pan meen (hand made noodles). The portion is quite small, but the noodles looks good. The noodles are springy and the owner is quite generous with the toppings of anchovies, vege and minced meat.When my kung fu pan meen came, it looked quite normal. The portion is again small.But when all ingredients (including chili and lime) were mixed togather. Just look at how shiny and inviting the noodle look.I never liked thick noodles, but I would make an exception for this. The noodles are slightly springy and you can still taste the original noodles taste despite all the seasonings.

The hungry wolves that we are, we decided to order 2 additional side dishes. The first one is the original pandan chicken. Pandan refers to screwpine leaves and it is famous for its fragrance and health value. Anyway, nothing healthy about this dish. The deboned meat is thick yet tender. The taste is slightly sweet and fragrant. One piece is nice. More than 1 may be a bit too tiring for the jaws.The second one is my favourite. Otak-otak (literally brain in malay) here is really something. Normal otak-otak are made of fish meat with spices. But the otak-otak here is made of fish, squid and prawn meat. So you san imagine how sweet and fragrant the otak-otak is. The additional spices only add to the fragrant combination. I can't stop scooping one spoonful after another. It's good to eat when it is still hot, or it will turn slightly fishy when it is cold.Not an easy place to find, but worth revisiting. Something different yet familiar.

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