Friday, May 02, 2014

Tepian Tebrau

I love street food. I love it even more when I can share the joy with all my friends and family. There's a grilled fish stall here that is halal, so many of my Muslim colleagues would definitely visit this place when they are in Johor Bahru.
In case you are not sure where it is, google the road name below..
The grilled fish stall I referred to is Tip Top B.B.Q. Ikan Bakar. It is situated at the corner end of the row of stalls.
Customers can choose the seafood they like from the table.
Pari or stingray has always been my favourite ikan bakar (grilled fish) choice. I like the strong pungent chilli spices used to grill the fish.
I have also grown to love sotong (squid) if they cook it right.
Right beside the grilled fish stall is a stall selling cooling drinks to sooth our scorching throat after the fiery ikan bakar.
We ordered "ching po leong", a chinese dessert drink that has cooling effects. Good to balance the heat from next door.
I truly enjoy the "ching po leong" as it is laden with many chewable goodies. These herbs/seeds are also good for cleansing. Nyum..
Then we have another stall named "Yong" that serves killer tauhu bakar (grilled tofu).
 The tofu is real crispy and laden with sweet fragrant prawn sauce. The taste can't be described.... 
Of course I wouldn't miss a chance to grab a couple of otak-otak (grilled fish stick). 
I have fond memories of stripping down these sticks with my family. The blend of sweet and spicy is enhanced with the fragrant smell from the grilled coconut or nipah palm leaf. Owh.. I miss it already..

Hwang Hae @ Solaris Mont Kiara

There are many restaurants to choose from when you are in Solaris Mont Kiara.. particularly Korean dining. But we do not want to go with the usual bbq or dakgalbi.. And so we found this.. Ok.. it is still sort of like bbq but in sticks.. heh heh heh
Interesting menu view option on the wall
Every table is equipped with a long exhaust pipe to draw the smoke and heat away.. It also helps make the cokking more effective and faster as the heat is focussed on where the meat is..

We decided on teriyaki mutton. The meat came in simple skewers.. The teriyaki sauce came in a separate bowl and was added on the table.

It must be obvious that we are clueless as to what to do with the meat. The owner came and gave us a quick crash course. He is quite a funny guy..
We were also given a stick of fresh garlic to be grilled together. The owner was right when he say the meat needs to be turn frequently or it will burn easily (thanks to the effective exhaust system)
Our individual plates were given some salted spices with sesame seeds. For a person who is not that keen on mutton's smell, this came as a good accompaniment. 
We end our complete our dinner with a hot pot of kim chi jigae ramyeon. It helps to settle down the rumble in the tummy :) satisfied

I will go back again with my pa, as it offers some variation to the Korean food I know. The kids also would love to play with fire (under supervision, of course) :P

Hwang Hae
No G15 Jalan Solaris 2,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
Off Jalan Duta Viara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 6206 1370

(facing the entrance of the Soalris covered car park)