Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice

We kept saying must try out this shop every time we passes by, but we just never did. I guess we are very much creatures of habit. Once we have found a good place, we would keep going back. This has reduce our chances to venture into something new. But we finally decided it is time to try out this place. What attracts me there is the traditional way of preparing "Nga Pou Gai Fan" (claypot chicken rice), as in they cook using charcoal fire.
Say whatever you want, it may be difficult to control the fire when cooking with charcoal, but if you have learnt to manage it, food cooked using charcoal gives an additional aroma to the food.Location : Jalan Yew, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
Rating : Good

The ingredients looked pretty simple. Some marinated chicken, raw rice, some Chinese sausage, salted fish and sauces to taste.
Our pot of rice came and I got curious. See they set the salted fish aside in a smaller sauce dish. Are they testing us? "If you fail to move the dish, you can't eat this!" (ahaha... just my brain malfunctioning and dreaming those words out. The rice is fragrant enough. And best of all, when mixing and dishing them out, we notice that they do not stick to the pot. Hey... this is really some cooking skill. All I can say is that the rice is fluffy and fragrant. The chicken is tender and the whole mixture is simply aromatic.
In addition to claypot chicken rice, they also offer soups and other side dishes. There are watercress soup and pork stomach soup. We ordered watercress as it has cooling function. Just to balance out with the food that is heaty in nature.
And just to make sure we had a balanced diet of meat and vege, we ordered scaled siu bak choy (or westerners call it bok choy) with oyster sauce. We didn't expect much from this dish, but it turn out to be quite good. The sauce is sweet and salty. The vege is crunchy and crisp. Amazingly that I enjoy vege.
Finally just to top it off, we had Chinese tea to wash down our food. It feels real good when the warmth travel down from your mouth through your throat into your stomach. What a peaceful closure to a hearty meal..Say if you are interested to try this place, you don't have to limit yourself to our choices as blow. They also offer fried seafood beancurd and fried chicken wings that are supposed to be famous. It is just that our stomach couldn't hold so much.

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