Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo aka Jalan Segambut Yong Tau Foo

Confusing? Not my fault. The bungalow turned shop is situated at Jalan Segambut, but the name of the shop is called Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo. Aw... Let's not be so critical shall we, it is just like buying Seremban Siew Pow at Midvalley.

Location: Jalan Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Fair for food. Terrible for parking.

It is really a matter of luck if we can get proper parking and seating space during lunch hour, as the whole place will be packed. I love to sit inside the building, as I get to enjoy the architecture of yester-years. At times, I feel it is a waste for such beautiful building to turn into commercial lot, but at least this is better than turning into some sleazy noght clubs like many in Penang. That is really a shame.
Ah that aside, let's talk food. What's nice here is not only the yong tau foo itself. There are tauhu bakar (bbq beancurd), paper-wrapped chicken, rojak (fruit salad in prawn paste sauce) and desserts of various tarts and puffs.
The ji pau gai (literally paper-wrapped chicken) comes in quite generous portion.
The beauty lies in its ability to maintain the moisture, aroma and flavours in the meat. But one tiny little shortcoming is the skin tends to stick to the paper. It is kind of a letdown since skin is one of the most fragrant part of the meat.
The tauhu bakar is crispy and stuffed with ample veges. Taking them with the prawn paste sauce and peanuts are great.
We also ordered fried sui kow (dumplings) and beancurd rolls. They are freshly fried and not oily. I could wolf down a couple of this effortlessly. Crunchy and fragrant.
Ben preferred soupy stuff. I am a bit cautious over this as I do not like the strong fishy smell in many of the fish pastes. After one bite, I am satisfied that there is no fishy taste in the fish paste (ironic eh). We ended up ordering more.
Something different here is that the sui kow's stuffing is not pork (the usual practice) but fish paste as well. And for those who dislike fishy smell, no worries, I have verified and approved. haha..
We ended up bringing our family here for makan, when they do come down to KL for visits. If all else fails, the variety should compensate for any other possible shortcomings.

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