Sunday, September 20, 2009

Restoran Selera Kampung

I have been having this draft for the past 1 year. I took some photos on my first visit, but I find them insufficient for me to share with you. Then there was a construction going on in that area, making the visit a bit troublesome. When the construction finally ended, I came back to get my final shots and here's what I have got to share with you.

Location: Behind Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, facing Jalan Raja Laut.
Rating: Good

It's self service here. You come in and line up to indicate what you want. You could choose rice, chapati, or other knick-knacks like samosa or vadai. If you do not indicate what type of accompaniments you want, the server will naturally scoop 2 types onto your plate. For meat, you can choose chicken or mutton (I can't remember if there's beef). But I liked the chicken.This is what I picked on the second time. A piece of chapati, chicken curry and dhal. I learnt my lesson. Why?
The first time I came, I was hungry and greedy (that's always the case, when you're hungry). I thought 1 piece of chapati wouldn't be enough to satisfy my emptiness. Moreover, those other knick knacks look so inviting. I ended up taking an additional piece of vadai and fried vege (in the pic after x2 this).Moral of the story : Control your greediness when you're hungry. Anyway, the food was good. The chapati is freshly made, so it is warm and soft. That coupled with the tenderly cooked chicken curry was good.
I enjoyed this fried vege in batter, but eating them alone with chapati is too much. The sauce is sourish in taste, hence it goes very well with the other heavy stuff. I like to mix this together with the chapati and curry, so that I don't feel too stuffed too soon.
My friend ordered rice instead of chapati. So for those that do not like chapati, you have other options. But even for a non bread fan like me enjoy those chapati, I seriously recommend you try that.
I love this dhal (in actual fact I am not sure if it is dhal). I love the creamy texture that is fragrant with vege and spices.Even the fried cauliflower with long beans tastes really good. Maybe it was my hunger, but I still felt the same on my second visit.And to top it all off, I like to order Nescafe special - fresh cow milk with nescafe. Just look at the tri-coloured creamy+fragrant coffee. What a fulfilling lunch. Ahhh...


Shirl said...

Absolutely LOVE the Indian food!!

Pinky said...

Shirl: I know what you mean. The aromatic spices and rich texture. slurp...