Saturday, May 07, 2016

Finding Johor Treats @ Medan Selera Presint 9

Searching for nice local eats in Putrajaya is not that easy for outsiders. Googling it in English mostly direct us to grand restaurants, malls or mamak stalls.

Let me teach you another trick. Try googling your searches in Malay or Chinese. You will have better luck finding good recommendation of local food this way.

That's how I found this place. Were we glad.

PM and I had a good time digging into otak-otak Muar. Otak-otak is a piece of spiced fish paste folded in between 2 pieces of coconut/palm leaves. They are barbecued to slightly charred. The fragrance.. mm.....
Then there is this mee rebus Johor. The gravy was thick and tastes great. It is not too spicy so the kids liked it too.
Then they have that Johorean infamous kacang pool. It taste a bit like chilli corn carne with a half cooked egg, calamansi, chilli and shallots. It comes with thick buttered bread to soak up the gravy.
The nasi lemak is not really a Johor thing but I sure love the sambal ikan bilis, as simple as it is. Anyway, it was cleared off by the kids. I only get the remnants of what's left. 
I felt really satisfied not having to resort to McD or KFC.


Boh Tong said...

The rice is from small grain type which is cheap. Other than the rice the food looked tempting and mouth-watering.
Thanks for sharing.

Pinky said...

Talking about rice. Have you tried Bario rice? Small grain type but gooood....