Monday, October 23, 2006

Imbi's morning wet market

Hainanese Breakfast
Have you had Hainanese breakfast before? Do you know what is a Hainanese breakfast? Those days when migrants from China came over to Malaysia, every different clan has a specific trade of their own. Hainanese? One of their best trade is kopitiam (literally translated to coffee shop, or you can call it cafe).

Why do you call it coffee shop? Well they are really good in preparing a good old cup of fragrant coffee. The trademark is a green flower motived cup for a thick hot coffee.

But what makes up a Hainanese breakfast is... (1) a cup of coffee, (2) half boiled eggs, and (3) toast with butter and kaya (sweet-brownish coconut and egg jam). But of course, as times passed, we get slightly improved version of bun instead of toast, and iced coffee instead of hot coffee. One of the famous Hainanese breakfast in Kuala Lumpur is a stall set up within the Imbi's morning wet market.

Location : Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Food rating : Good-lah*

If you like half boiled eggs, you'll know that the perfect half boiled eggs are those that when you crack the eggs and pour the contents out, no eggs will stick to the inside of the shells. This is what you will find from the stall in there. The eggs came out just right!

Hainanese coffee here are local coffee with milk, not the normal instant coffee you get from the likes of Nescafe or Indocafe. These are grounded coffee beans that have been fried with caramel. In fact, most local coffees gone through similar treatments. But some brands have their secret process that makes them more fragrant than the others. Same as the coffee here, they are fragrant hot or cold.

The buns here are generously spread with kaya and butter. The buns are not too hard or soft. They are toasted to golden brown that is easily crunched on the outer layer but still soft and chewy on the inner substance. I especially like the block of butter that is sandwiched with the kaya. You can eat it straight away to experience the butter's creamy taste or you can leave it to melt and soaked the inner portion of the buns with its buttery aroma.

I guess the photos below tells better story than I do...

Note:* "lah" is a suffix used by Malaysian meant to add emphasis to a word/phrase.


Anonymous said...

Pinky, u sure can write ^^
keep up the good work.

hope there's more to come :)

p/s, the story end at the photo ah? i thought u have more or something else after it..

Pinky said...

Wow, thanks. I love it that you enjoyed it.
Would love to elaborate more, but friends say I was too long winded. Still trying to strike a balance here.