Friday, April 25, 2008

My bread, an utter

Remember Mount Erskine? If you were to go there later than 3pm, some of those stalls I have posted earlier may have closed. But I want to tell you about this hawker on bike.10 years ago, when I was staying in Mount Erskine and studying for my Diploma, this uncle's bread was my staple diet of luxury. I was controlling my expenses to RM5 per day (including transports and meals). After deducting my bus fares to TAR College in town (yes, back then it was still a shoplot in Transfer Road), all I have left is only enough for bread (I am pretty sure, this is the reason I dreaded eating bread nowadays). And this uncle offerred me affordable bread loaded with good taste and aroma. I would buy 2 pieces, 1 for lunch and another for dinner.What is so nice about the bread? They are soft and warm. A layer of warm aromatic gravy will be spread inside the bread before mixing in the dried meat and meat floss. If you eat it straight, the warmth and softness envelopes you. That's my luxury meal.Back then, I was renting a room from a landlady that used a terrace house to bake cakes for her cake shop. Everyday, I made rounds within the housing vicinity (hoping she might asked me to be her white mice and try her new recipe). Sometimes, if I am lucky, I get to try pastas, pizzas and cakes that she was testing for her catering business. If no such luck, it would be back to instant noodles and the wonderful bread above. Ah.... Those were the days.

Be thankful for what you have for there are many that is deprived of simplest necessities.

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