Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ming Kee Char Siew

When talk about Jalan Alor, many people have already known about this infamous BBQ Pork Rice. I have heard, seen (on tv) and read (in books/papers) about it. And I finally get to try this place purely by coincidence. One of my boss took me and my colleague to this place for lunch. Was it unforgettable? Nah... It is not like something that superb, but it is undoubtedly good.

Location: Tengkat Tongshin, Behind Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang Area, KL
Rating: Good

My tastebud for chicken rice may have been spoilt by an uncle in Ipoh 20 years ago. The smell and taste of his chicken rice were truly unforgettable. That's why I find many KL chicken rice rather bland. And this shop has also slightly overcooked it. The Char Siew (BBQ pork) came in rather hefty portion. What's good about it is that the portion of fat and lean meat is quite balanced. The chef has also managed to cook the fats to soft and creamy texture, yet still maintaining the tenderness of the lean meat. The taste of the meat is rather sweet and fragrant. It was a good idea not to cut the meat into smaller pieces but as they are shown in the picture below, because it is at this portion that you will be able to experience the melting texture of the fats.We also ordered steamed chicken. Ermm... Nothing interesting though. The only thing I like is the plate they are using. So nostalgic!For those of you that think this is too much meat. Maybe you may want to order some beansprouts. Not as fat and juicy as Ipoh's, but still better than KLs. Is it cheap? Not really. But it is not very expensive either. I supposed it is quite ok for KL standard. This complete set below cost us less than RM30.
You might say that, since I did not really praise much of the food except the BBQ pork, how can I rate it as good. But then again, the shop has already indicated to you their specialty. Char Siew!So they are not wrong you know.

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