Monday, March 24, 2008

E.T. ? Steam boat?

I love steamboat. Love it so much that even though I have limited time in Penang to take in all the street food, I couldn't resist when my sis suggested steamboat. Anyway, this shop has been in Penang for at least 10 years now. How I know? I used to visit this shop when I was still studying in Penang.

Location : No 4, Rangoon Road (cross between Burma Road and Macalister Road)
Tel 04-2266025
Rating : Above average

Besides the normal steamboat stuff, you can also order some side dishes like lor bak (marinated pork roll). Love lor bak all over Penang for its freshness. KL's kind are miserably lumpy :PYou can also order Tu Kar Shui (sour pork leg). This is more suitable for eating with rice. Ah... If you think they do not offer rice in steamboat restaurant, you are wrong. They offer rice for you to go with steamboat, not necessarily got to be noodles (like KL).And most lovely of all, every single dishes are free for you to pick and choose. It is not like KL where most are fixed with mostly fish paste products, and any additional dish are quite expensive (around RM8). The dishes here cost about RM4. And there are more fresh products including meats and seafood. I would prefer picking things I like than not having choices.If you plan to go, I suggest you take fried fish head. Even if you may not know how to eat fish head, throw everything into the soup as base. They include a few pieces of ginger. Throw them all in. You'll find the soup really fragrant and unique.

Also make sure you don't go on Thursday - Tutup*.

* Malay for Closed.

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