Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quickie : Restoran Foon Lock

I read so much about this place. I decided one weekend that I mustx10 go no matter what, and that of course is at the expense of Ben's energy in entertaining my wish by driving me around searching for this place. We came down from Genting and took the wrong turn. We drove all the way into Janda Baik village. If you don't know how is that, it took us 2 hours drive. When I had almost given up hope of finding this place, it turned out right at the end of our journey before turning back into highway. So it wasn't at Janda Baik, but at the entrance to Janda Baik. What a joke!

Location : 84, Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang
Rating : Good

The first dish I requested was ginger wine frog in mee suah (thread noodles). The owner told me they are out of frog and mee suah. So we had to make do with chicken and rice vermicelli. It turned out a very strong ginger dish. But for a cold weather, the ginger and hot soup sure feels good.
Then I ordered some kind of fried talapia that I read about so much. The guy looked at me, as if I was from Mars. He said no such thing (I suspect he is a newbie :P). But he suggested another noodle dish called Fa Lam Sang Meen (mixed fat and lean pork with fresh noodles). I thought what the heck, we'll just have to make do. But this turned out good. The meat is crispy and fragrant of wine, soy sauce and fats. The noodles kind off soak in the fragrance too.
And we had another meat dish. Venison fried with ginger and spring onion. I don't know what's gotten into me. Maybe I expected the venison to be freshly caught from the Pahang hills surrounding the area. Whatever it is, the dish was ok.
So there you have it! An adventure or misadventure? A good find or over statement? I am afraid it might be distorted by my mixed feelings that day. It was with high hopes (search) that gradually faded (lost), then shot up again (found) only to be slapped down (out of stock/no such thing) and again compensated with other good food. One thing for sure - an experience..

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