Monday, March 03, 2008


600cc? What's that supposed to mean? Milk lah... my friend. Taiwan twenty years ago, was famous for papaya milk blend. And this shop brought it over to Malaysia, together with some of those sumptuous food that I can't miss whenever I am in Penang.It is a chain store in Penang. My dad used to bring us there when they open their first ever shop in Komtar. But now due to the sad withering of Komtar, 600cc has diversified and it turned out well for them.

Location: Prangin Mall + Gurney Plaza + Tesco, Penang
Rating: Good

Ben like to order beef noodles here. I can understand why. The soup is warmly thick with tender beef cubes.And the noodles are elastic yet crisp. There are mixture of vege and type of meat, making the meal more enjoyable.My favourite will be the Ma La Fun (Numbing Hot Rice) with fried fish. Don't belittle the small portion of chili gravy you saw at the top of the picture below. Mixing it all in one shot will cause you 2-3 glasses of water. I can eat really hot stuff, but even I myself can't stand it.What I like is again the variety of condiments. There are meat floss (sweet), stewed minced meat (salty), chili gravy (spicy) and pickled vege (sour). The combination is superb.Another favourite of mine will be the Ja Jiang Mien (mixed sauce noodles). Love it for its abundance of vege and meat gravy. But I can't resist the thrill of ma la fun, so I just have to sacrifice ja jiang mien.Drinks wise, of course you should order some kind of milk blended drinks. But don't get those boring stuff like melon or yam that you can get from pasar malam (night market). I suggest you either get papaya milk or peanut milk (as the one below). Erm.. sorry for the photo below. I enjoyed the drink so much I forgot to take its photos until it is 2/3 gone :PIf you like eating peanut butter straight from the jar, you are gonna like this. It feels like drinking peanut butter less the stickiness. Ow.... I wanna go back Penang now...

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