Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adai's Fish Head Bee Hoon @ Pudu

Sometimes, it is rather boring to visit food courts that tend to repeat the same type of menus. Pork noodles, wanton noodles, mixed rice, chicken rice, curry mee (not so nice ones), fried koay teow (no standard ones), fried stuff (noodles or rice), etc. It is so contradictory. Kuala Lumpur is such a huge pot of cultural meltdown that anyone can easily lost count on the variety of food available, so how could I say it is boring? So I went surfing on the net and decided to go for fish head noodles in Pudu.

Location: Jalan Landak, opposite Pudu Plaza, same row as 7-11
Rating: Ok-lah..

The store owner came, we asked for 2 fish meat noodles instead of the usual head. He never said anything about fried or non-fried, he only asked if we want fine rice noodles or thick rice noodles. So we requested for 1 fine and the other thick.
The noodles came but I was a bit disappointed as I had expected fried fish meat. Anyway, the good thing would be they do not have strong fishy smell. The meat is fresh and no bones..The fine rice noodles is rather common. But it kind of able to absorb more of the soup's flavour as compared to the thicker version.The thick rice noodles offered a more springy version and provide better chewing experience. Frankly though, what we find interesting is the type of ginger they use. The ginger is spicy and provided very strong aroma to the soup. Hence, we find this place in general ok-lah.


sjwoo said...
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Vivien said...

please update your blog more frequently

Pinky said...

Aw Vivien... I would reallyx100 love to. But maintaining an active blog is not an easy job for a new mama. Gimme some time. Once my baby gets as "munch-crazy" as her parents, you will definitely see more of us. Adios!

dauphin said...
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