Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eurika! Fishball noodles in KL

Yup... Yup.... Update your blog please. I know... I know..... Unfortunately, nowadays I have no hand to take photos. PM not only took up my time. She basically took up my everything. Having a baby is no joke man!
Anyway, forget about my ramblings over PM. If you let me, I could go on.. and on.. and on... I got this recommended by Sam Cheong from his weekly article in The Star Newspaper. I love his choices of street food. I love this more because I finally found some resemblance to Ipoh "Yu Dan Fun". YEAY!

Location : Jalan Maharajalela (outside Ho Wah Genting), off Jalan Loke Yew
Rating : Good

What's so good?
Do you stay late and so wake up late in weekends? If yes, they are still open at 2pm.
Do you like yong tau fu (stuffed beancurd) with soup noodles but can't find these in KL? They have mee, meehoon and koay teow. They have soup and kon low (dry).
Do you find it difficult in KL to get the type of chilli sauce illustrated below? They have it.
For those Ipoh mali, this is almost as good as it gets. Ah....... The satisfaction after a bowl of hot noodles with accompaniments of beancurd rolls and fishballs. Yummy!
The fare is simple but when you have tasted the soup, you know that this is no "cincai*" affair. It has fair amount of "tong choi" and lard to enhance the taste and aroma of the soup. At least, better than many soup noodles I have tasted in KL.
Just look at those lovely accompaniments. We find the stuffed aubergines fragrant and soft. The beancurd rolls are also aromatic and strongly flavoured. And for those from Ipoh that find many a times disappointed with the limp fishballs in KL. Try this! The fishballs are springy and crisp.
This stall is not difficult to find. Only thing is its limited parking space. But if you are willing to walk, then parking will not be a problem. Selamat mencuba ya...
*cincai - simply or in jest

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