Monday, June 18, 2007

East Imperial Chinese & Thai Restaurant

For once I do not have to translate a single word for a restaurant name. But then again this is not something to be amused of, given that this restaurant is situated in Langkawi. A travel destination for many. Ah yes... Let's go somewhere further than the usual. The restaurant operates in the afternoon and night. You won't see much people during the day, but a lot of westerners during the night. To be truthful, this place is caterred more for foreign tourists. But the food was actually very good. And spicy!

Location: Beside Underwater World, Langkawi
Rating: Good for those who love hot and spicy

I love Thai food. I love the fragrant of spices and herbs. And I love the taste of sweet, sour and spicy. Hence I am sorry to say that, although the restaurant offerred Chinese Food as well, I did not spare a single thought on that. Reason? Well Langkawi is very near Thailand. Need I say more?
What I ordered? Khao Phad (Thai language for fried rice), Tom Yum (Thai for Hot Soup) and fried water spinach with belacan (belacan is a local delicacy made of shrimp). A signature Thai fried rice is white in colour. Fragrant of fish sauce and the texture is puffily soft. The fried rice I had here is a bit different. The colour is brown due to some use of soy sauce and chillies (must have been localised). But the rice itself is still soft yet not lumpy. So I was not that disappointed afterall.
The tom yum? Oh... heavenly. I have tried tomyum cooked by Malaysian. Nomatter what, I still find some taste is missing. Just like going to a non mamak stall and ordered roti canai. Somehow, the taste is different. I believe, some herb ingredients is missing. Most probably roots of coriander or some sort. But the tom yum is is rather spicy, so those who can't take spicy may need to take note on this.
Fried water spinach or kang kung in Malay has nothing to boast of. BAsically, overall food was good if you like spicy food.
Ahh... but one thing you have to take note. Since this shop is catered mostly to foreignors, the price is a bit on the high. The total for our food cost RM40, but of course that include our drinks. We ordered Heineken beer. Hey this is afterall Langkawi - a duty free zone, what do ou espect we might drink. Orange juice?

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