Friday, June 29, 2007

Seoul Garden

Whenever we talk about Korean food, bbq will definitely come to mind. Well this is not a traditional korean bbq but a buffet bbq-steamboat concept. But they do offer a variety of korean flavours like bulgogi, kim chi & ginseng soup. What I love about this place is the cleanliness. Usually shops that offer bbq are very smoky and stuffy. But this shop is not only airy, the staff's constant changing of the frying plate makes the experience even better.

Rating : Good
Location : Gurney Plaza, Penang

As you can see there are variety of meat (chicken, beef, fish, squid, prawn, etc) available for frying and steamboat. There are also various type of condiments like fishball, sotong (malay for squid) ball and others, but I am not a fan of processed meats.
Price range between RM20 to RM30 per person, depending on choice of weekdays/weekends, soup and drinks.
For vege and dessert lovers, no worries. There are also sufficient choices to spoil your taste bud.

Last but not least, I love these...

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