Monday, June 11, 2007

Kedai Makanan May King

In my previous post, I have mentioned that it is difficult to find good curry noodles, let alone with accompaniments like fish balls, tofu and soy bean rolls. Well, thousand apologies... I just manage to find one in Pudu, K.L. Not to say the greatest curry and not a lot of variety of accompaniments, but the taste is good. At least, I dare say the best that I have tasted in K.L. so far.

Malay-English Translation
Kedai - Shop
Makanan - Food

Cantonese-English Translation
May - Beauty
King - Scenery

Venue - Around Pasar Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
Rating - Good

As you all know, I am a big fan of curry/spicy. In KL, the standard of curry noodles you find are just not to the par. Then I found this shop. It was introduced to me by a colleague. The Lum Mee he introduced to me is similar to Loh Mee in Penang. But it is the dry curry noodles that caught my attention. It reminded me of the santan version of Ipoh dry curry noodles. The only different is that it still comes with cut chicken pieces (very KL style), but you can request to change them to chicken floss and prawn (ah... more Ipoh style here). I think what makes the dry curry noodles here good is the generous usage of curry spices, herbs and santan. Sometimes you just can't be stingy in this.

I especially like the accompaniments namely tofu, fishballs and soy bean rolls. If you like the taste of what Ipohan calls "fei yuen" (literally "flying balls" ahahahahaha), you will definitely like the accompaniments here. They all have similar ingredients of fish paste and dried squid bits. The dried squid bits provide you a pungent aroma. It is an acquired taste, but those who have tasted them before will find these aromatic indulgent.

The food here may be a bit pricy. Each plate of noodles are priced around RM5 and each piece of accompaniements costs around 80 cents. Of course you can't compare this with KLCC and neither can you compare with the normal noodle stalls. But I would say the price is worth the taste.

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