Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Golden Sea Restaurant [黄金海岸海鲜村] @ Morib

A family trip back in 2013.. more precisely, a company's family day in Morib. We did not manage to visit the beach. The only private stop we made was this restaurant. I feel it is a good stop as the environment is very relaxing. The kids get to play sand a bit. We get the feel of a beach holiday, albeit just for a brief moment.
The highlights of our lunch was the three dishes below..

Salted Egg Mantis Prawn ~ cantonese called Har Go (蝦蛄) / Lai Liu Ha (攋尿蝦) 
Best eaten hot when the batter is still crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The salted egg covered prawns were gragrant and flavourful. It was really good with a cold beer.

Butter Fried Prawn
The prawns size were reasonable. The fresh meat were crunchy and juicy. 

Steamed Grouper
The best way to enjoy fresh fish will be  清 蒸  or simply translated as "clear steam" where minimal ingredients were used. The fish was reasonably fresh (I wouldn't say very very fresh). 

Including a vegetable dish, it cost us about RM100+-. I think it is a good stop for some relaxing environment and reasonably good seafood.
Lot 13045, Batu 29 1/2, | Kanchong Laut, (Morib)BantingMalaysia

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