Wednesday, July 18, 2007

B'worth Siew Mai

My dad used to frequent Butterworth very often during my childhood days due to his business. We loved to follow him during the holidays as it means makan (eating) and play times. And for the past years, I'll never miss going to this place for Siew Mai (pork dumpling) whenever I do stop by Butterworth. And I can assure you this is the real deal. Not simply some food that you get accustomed to since young.

Location : Butterworth, Penang
Rating : Very good!

You know how most of these dim sum shops in KL sells Siew Mai with pork as its main ingredients. Most of the time, they do not taste fresh. And the seasoning used did not bring out the fragrance of the meat. Where as in Ipoh, most of the Siew Mai were made of prawns. Not a true Siew Mai. Now this stall only sells limited choice of dim sum. But you must must must order the Siew Mai. It does not look great, but taste superb. I have never tasted such good Siew Mai anywhere else. The meat is well seasoned but not too strong that kills the fragrant of the meat. I mixture of chilli and sweet sauce makes it even better. It used to be sold by an old lady, but now it is a young man that took over. But it still taste good for the past 20 over years.
Oops, I was in a rush that day, but I still had to have it. Hence ended up tapau (cantonese for take away). As I have said, seeing it is not believing it, but tasting it is.

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