Sunday, July 15, 2007

Choi Kee's Seafood Noodles

When I say seafood noodles, many of you would have thought of Segambut. Sorry-lah but I am never the devotee of communal belief. I find Segambut's seafood noodles too expensive and the quality is not something to boast about. This shop could fight them hands down. In fact along the road you'll find many shops selling similar menus but I find this shop is the best so far. The only confusion is that the shop's name is Shui Kee Restaurant, but the noodles are sold by the stall named Choy Kee.
Cantonese-English Translation
Shui - Water
Choy - Wealth/Fortune
Kee - Record/Remember

Rating : Good
Location : Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

I was not feeling well and need some sweat inducer, hence I ordered tom yum (Thai for hot soup). If I miss tom yum noodles, this is a good place to quench my thirst. Some tom yum taste more like assam (tamarind) soup, but this is better. You can't equate this with the real Thai tom yum, but it is suffice. And the best way to enjoy this is with coarse rice noodles (chou mai fun in cantonese). Just like pasta, there are spaghetti and angel's hair, we have chou mai fun and yau mai fun (fine rice noodles). Back to the tom yum, scoop after scoop of noodles and tom yum, I am cured.
Ben ordered fish paste noodles with milk. He chooses yau mai fun for this. The normal version is the fish head noodles with milk, but for lazy bums like us, fish paste is preferred as we do not have to pick the bones. No fishy smell. The combination of salted vegetables, tomato, tofu (beancurd) and milk is properly balanced. But if you like more kick, just throw in some cili padi (small chillies). Fuh!
Big eaters like us always ordered extras. We had fishball and porkball in clear soup. I have never tried the clear soup version of seafood noodles (can never resist the tom yum and curries), but I was told they are just as good. Just look at the steam.
Among other things that I find good is the curry noodles and the dry curry noodles. Basically all that I have mantioned are in the menus.

Just in case you can't seem to find the restaurant, I hope this will help.
I don't know why but everytime I decided to go Shui Kee, the rain starts. I guess they can say they are not called Shui Kee for nothing. It never fails me. Sorry guys, that's the best photo I could manage.

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