Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ikan Bakar at Jalan Bellamy

Grilled fish with air asam (tamarind sauce) and sambal belacan (chilli prawn paste) is an original malay food. The fish is marinated with turmeric and other spices. It is best to eat ikan bakar with ulam (herb/salad kind of leaves). There are ulam that taste like mango - ulam raja and daun selom.

Malay-English Translation
Ikan - Fish
Bakar - Grill

Rating : Average
Location : Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur

This place is quite well known among the urbanites. There are 3 stalls behind the Royal Palace that sells ikan bakar (grilled fish). The one I went and featured here is the corner most stall that also operates at night.
The fish is a bit dry. The sambal belacan is mildly spicy. In actual fact, the ikan bakar here is really just average. You can also order additional dishes to compliment your meal, as shown below. But if you are longing for some ikan bakar, this place might just do to ease your desire. The dishes are reasonably priced.

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