Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Ngau Lam Fun" at Chulia Street

Ngau stands for beef, lam stands for brisket and fun stands for noodles. So what we are having this round is beef brisket noodles. Beef noodles have many type of variations from Teo Chew and Hakka's beef ball noodles, hokkien's tan tan mien (dry noodles topped with minced beef sauce), Vietnam's beef pho (pho means (flat rice noodles in Vietnamese language), Thailand's boat noodle soup, etc. But basically, beef soup noodles either comes in clear soup, stewed broth or strong herb. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the shop. All I know is that it is an old haunt for tea time and the shop is located at the corner where Lebuh Carnarvon and Chulia Street meet.

Rating : Above average
Location : Chulia Street, Penang

This shop's variation is of the stewed beef broth type with the chinese thin egg noodles (similar to those use for wan ton mee). I ordered a ngau lam fun soup. I wasn't disappointed when I was served. It looks good.The chilli sauce is a mixture of ginger and vinegar, which quite suit the taste of beef. The noodles were quite tangy. The meat is soft and succulent. Most importantly the soup did not over power the taste of beef yet the beef does not have a strong beefy smell (quite similar to lamb, except smell of lamb is even stronger). Some people may like that scent, but I like them when they are well treated or blended with herbs. I really quite like the soup/broth. Not too thick or thin or oily. No strong beefy smell again, just a tang of it and well flavoured.

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