Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Buns Strabe @ Awana Genting

We reached Gohtong Jaya late in the evening. It was raining, so we know that the skyway will be closed. It was too early for dinner and too late for lunch, so we decided to have something less heavy. The receptionist suggested Buns Strabe.

German-English Translation
Buns - buns
Strabe - street

Location: Awana Genting Resort, Gohtong Jaya, Pahang
Rating: Below average

The setting was actually quite pleasing to the eye. It is just a small joint at the corner of Awana Resort's main entrance.
The only thing German are the beer and bratwurst sausage. Since we are not in the mood for a beer, so we decided to have the teh tarik (milk+tea) to go with the sausage. The tea was good. Fragrant and not too sweet. It glides smoothly throughout. Just nice!
Unfortunately, that's the only thing good we had.
We ordered orange cheese cake. The cake looked like it has spent quite some time in the fridge. The taste is just average. Not creamy or fragrant enough. Just average.
When the sausage came, it was obvious that it is not Bratwurst. Simply a hot dog. Worst, the staff do not even know the difference and insist that it is Bratwurst Sausage. Bad management!
Moreover, the food simply taste and feel like bar food. Sigh...
I truly believe that Awana needs to improve. I can't even rate the resort as 4 star. The entire experience is just bad. Too bad..

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