Friday, October 12, 2007

Quickie : Winter Warmers @ The Curve

Ya.. I know. Not being a mainstream follower, I actually put this up. But I had a really good time last weekend. We were walking around aimlessly waiting for a brother, and bumped to this place. I thought this is a real good alternative to coffees. Although the place was crowded, the ambiance was very much compensated by the live band that sings beautiful oldies.We ordered a set for 2 that includes some snacks and tea for 2. We upgraded the tea to a pot of Lemon Verbena and another pot of mixed floral tea called Blue Moon or something (mixture of rosebuds, marigold, lavender, blue mallow). The snacks came first. There were scones, cakes, sandwiches, cookies and fruits. I thought it was quite pleasant. The Lemon Verbena is said to help ease digestion. I thought the strong lemon fragrance was quite refreshing. Girls may not like this as much (as proven by my sister).I do like the look of the leaves as they are quite huge. Normally the larger the leaves, the more expensive are the tea leaves. But this applies to Chinese Tea. Am not sure if it is the same for English Tea.The other tea is more of a lady's tea. Strong floral fragrant, especially lavender.It offers a strong aroma when you sip in the tea. I do not think it is so suitable to use transparent tea pot for this tea, as the floral mixture looked quite a mess. Unless they tie the flowers into a bouquet.Lastly we had a Four Red Fruit Freeze Tea. Very refreshing. And of all the teas we have tasted, amazingly this is the one that leaves a strong fruity aftertaste. Overall experience : Pleasant!

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