Thursday, June 05, 2008

One way to Sang Kee @ Pandan Jaya

I am one of those sleepy pig. I could sleep whole day and night, probably waking only for food and toilet breaks. That's why it is important for me to find a place I could go for breakfast at 1-2pm in the afternoon. And I found one that fits my taste just fine.

Location: Facing Jalan Pandan, Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Good

If it is not bad enough to find a place for breakfast in the afternoon, it is even more difficult to find a good Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (steamed flat rice noodles HK style). I found it here. Even some of those good dim sum shop I frequented can't compare.
It looks simple enough. Laying a thin layer of liquid flour over steaming hot cloth. Add in the filling and voila!
But mind you, I say "thin". That isn't easy. Many shops I frequented couldn't offer me this simple pleasure. It is important because it gives you substance when you bite into the noodles, while not making you feel stuffed. My favourite is a mix of fresh prawns and char siew (bbq pork). I like the pork being chopped finely, spreading its aroma more evenly in the noodles. I like the prawns whole, providing crunchiness to the noodles.
All I could say is that every mouthful is simply fulfilling...Then there is this pork noodle, which is rather popular among the patrons of Sang Kee. Not me though. The food is ok, but I do not like the attitude of the sellers. They always forget and they argue among themselves a lot. For me, I decided that I want to be happy and I do not like people affecting my "aura", especially my meal time. Sitting down for food is a theraphy for me. So this stall is a no-no for me. But Ben is more forgiving.
The koay teow (flat rice noodles) are smooth and not too oily. The combination of soy sauce, meat sauce and lard is just right.
A complete set comes in pork balls, pork sausage, fried pork intestines and minced pork sauce. It is a real porky experience.Another favourite of mine is the pan meen (home made noodles). I am no big fan of pan meen until I ordered her hand torn pan meen. It was from her that I got hooked on pan meen. What's better, you see hubby-wife and son helping during busy times. No noise (arguments)... haha I like!
Dry pan meen comes in generous helping of minced meat, mushroom, wood fungus, anchovies, vege and fu chok (soy bean strips). For chili lovers like us, we'll pour in the sourish sambal (prawn paste chili sauce).
Ah... Saving the best for last. I love the hand torn pan meen. Some may call it mi hun kueh (Pahang state people lah). They are the same.
Similarly, they are generously laced with accompaniments.
Most important for me is the thinness of the noodles. Like I said earlier, noodles too thick makes you feel like biting into floury paste :P. But the noodles aunty made is thin enough, so that it absorbs the taste of the soup and blends well with other accompaniments. After typing this, I think I wanna visit Sang Kee again tomorrow.

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