Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tong Ki Coffee Shop - Ipoh's standard "Yu Dan Fun"

Anyone that has tried Ipoh's Yu Dan Fun (fish ball noodles) would definitely come back for more. These are actually simple dishes that we had for breakfast or lunch or dinner or supper, if we decided not to have heavy stuff like rice. One of Ben's family's favourite haunt would be this shop - Tong Ki.

Location: Ipoh old town, Perak (Opens in morning, but don't be too late though)
Rating: Very good for sentiment's sake, but generally people find it good!

What's different from KL and Penang? The accompaniments (fish balls, tofu/bean curds, meatballs and fried soybean sheets) are separately served. You can pick and choose what type of accompaniments you like.
Noodles come in many forms. You can mix and match or choose mee (yellow noodles), beehoon (rice vermicelli), koay teow (flat rice noodles), low shi fun (short tubed rice noodles) and lye fun (long tubed rice noodles).In addition, you can choose to have either soup or dry (mixture of soy sauce and cooked vege oil). Some places also offer soup curry and dry curry, but not this place-lah.
Don't expect great soup of mixture of many many condiments. Noodles usually comes with beansprouts and some spring onions. That's all.This combination looks simple, but somehow, once you have tried it, you will crave for it. It could be due to the simplicity and yet fresh and tasty accompaniments. But for me, the noodles mixed with these ginger+chili sauce (as shown below) would be sufficient.
So far, I have yet to find these type of chili sauce outside Ipoh and I am missing it now.

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