Friday, June 20, 2008

Quickie : The Steamboat

Following blog on The Steamboat, so the last time I was in Ikano Power Centre, I thought it might be a good idea since I was alone and I love steamboat. I thought the simple concept is marketable. What's better is that they do cater for individuals, so you could always have steamboat even if you are alone, or you can choose stuff you like.Of course I did not miss the chance to try its chili sauce. They have a variety of green chili paste and sambal chili paste. Can't really call them sauce, as they are really rather pasty. The chilis are ok. Not to say very good, but acceptable.I ordered a basic set. Quite a standard fare of fish pastes/balls, fu chuk (soybean sheets), a lil' bit of fresh fish and prawns. You could also order fresh meat set (which look more appetising in the menu). The clear soup is normal.
Overall, I would say if you are alone and craving for steamboat, this place is ok-lah!

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