Thursday, August 09, 2007

Restoran Three Up at Menglembu, Perak

Chee Cheong Fun (literally translated as pig intestine noodles, in actual it is just flat rice noodles) in Ipoh and Taiping is different with Chee Cheong Fun in Penang and Chee Cheong Fun in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur style is more like yong tau fu to me, whilst Penang ones are mixed with otak udang (prawn paste). You also have Hongkies' "fun cheong", which is another version of chee cheong fun. Now, why is it called pig intestine noodles? You see, cheong in cantonese could mean any food with long round shape like sausages. It happens that this noodle is flat and rolled into such a shape. Taht is why it is called "fun cheong". But in Malaysia, we usually add lard (which used to be a delicacy) to smoothen the noodles. Hence "Chee Cheomg Fun".
Anyway, this is just a normal coffee shop at a housing area in Menglembu. Funny name right? Well if spoken in Cantonese, it sounded slightly like auspicious goodness.

Location: Menglembu new town, Perak
Rating: Average

The Chee Cheong Fun I ordered is with curry fried pork skin. KL people do not know how to cook pork skin. I have yet to taste a good one in KL. If you have never tasted the good ones, it should be crisp+tender+slightly soft. In KL, it is either a soggy lump or hard rubber. The down side is that the noodles are cold. Some food are meant to be eaten cold, but not this.
We also ordered some fish paste accompaniments from another stall. Alamak... I have not tasted this for so long... Well I can't vouch if this taste good or not because the taste is exactly the same as those I had near my hometown during my childhood days. These are simply my sweet memories.
Then we have IPOH WHITE COFFEE. The ready made 3 in 1 can never fight this.

Note: CSG, I know you don't eat beef, so this post is an addition for your reading pleasure.

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