Sunday, August 12, 2007

De Foodland Seafood Restaurant

It was my dad's birthday. So I have decided to bring him on a feast on crabs. Some might find this cheap, but for us, feasting on crabs has a meaning of its own. We used to be so poor that my dad has to skip his lunch so that I could have mine. Our diet very much consist of instant noodles and its kin. During those hard times, having crabs was a luxury to us. And it has remained so ever since.

Anyway, back to the topic of food. I have receive a brochure from this restaurant depicting very many types of crab dish, from fried to steam and bake. So that's where we went hunting for crabs.

Among other food we ordered were saute celery with squid, fried fish slices with spring onion and ginger, fried udon noodles with black pepper and the restaurant's specialty - fried beehoon (rice vermicelli) and tanghoon (glass noodle) mix. The food are ok. I won't say very good, but standard wise, it was above average.

Ah... the main topic - crabs. We ordered 2 types. We had fried salted eggs with crab (as shown right after this paragraph), and sweet and spicy crab with fried mantou (steamed bun). The salted egg crab is very fragrant. The strong odour of salted eggs were complimented by the curry leaves and little bit of dried chilli. The mix is just right. The chef is able to bring out the fragrant but at the same time do not over cook the crabs. Some inexperienced chef tend to over cook the crabs. The meat would end up dry and sticking to the shell. But not here. Moreover, the crabs were quite huge in size. This.. This is our all time favourite. Sweet and spicy crabs. It is usually cooked with ginger, tomato sauce, vinegar and shallots. The chicken eggs were added last to thicken the sauce and sweeten the taste. We love to dip baked bread or fried mantou into the sauce. I know some European find the way we eat bread "differently" (I recall telling a European couple that we love to take bread with ice-cream, and their reactions were to cringe in disgust). But there are some things that yu just have to try them. Then you would really understand what joy you have missed out in life. hahaha...For benefit of those who might not know how to get there:


laymank said...

dude, this place should be considered KL instead of Selangor. :)

Pinky said...

laymank are right. figured why my geography is a 'b'.