Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Quickie: A whiff of cheese from Indonesia

Apa kabar dong? Gua baik-baik saja. (Indonesian for : How are you? I am fine.)
Every time my dad's friends from Indonesia come to visit, they will bring along salak fruits and cakes. We used to get layered cakes, which is well known among us in Malaysia. This round, they bring along this cheese cake. Oh my goodness! My first impression was that it's just a normal swiss roll, probably replacement of the usual cake roll with cheese cake. Until I cut them into smaller pieces for my family. Then I thought: "Oh, it is the inner layer that is made of cheese cake!".
Well not really. I find out the truth on my first bite.
The inner layers are all pure cheese. There are shredded ones and one big chunk wrapped within a butter cake. No one in my family can take more than one piece. It is just so cheeeezz.I would say it is something interesting, but I can't say it is something very delicious. An interesting gift, nevertheless. Thank you for the very thoughtful friend!

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