Sunday, August 12, 2007

Restoran Chen Chen Hong Kong BBQ Goose & Duck

Ah... When come to Chinese roasted meat, what could be more famous than the Hong Kong roasted goose. And the "tauke" here assured us that his is the real thing. At least that is what his shop name profess.
Cantonese-English Translation
Chen - Real/True
Chen Chen - Really/Truly

Hokkien-English Translation
Tauke - Boss

Location : Pudu, Kuala Lumpur (behind the row of shop opposite the pudu market and chinese temple)
Rating : Above average

We ordered roasted goose, chicken and char siew (sweet bbq pork). We also had some sour vege and pork ball soup. We were also given condiments to be taken with the roasted goose.
When the rice came I was quite impressed. They are fragrant and not too soft/lumpy.
The char siew has nothing much to offer. The meat is dry and hard. And there were limited fragrant as expected from a proper char siew meat.

But the roasted goose is better. Maybe just slightly better. The skin wasn't crispy, but at least the meat is not hard or chewy.

Unexpectedly, the best was the roasted chicken. Crispy skin with soft and tender meat. Pleasant to eat. Best of all, when mixing the chicken with the condiments (a little bit of spring onion and a little bit of the cured plump sauce), the taste was amazing. Strong plump and wine fragrance surrounded my tastebuds. This is really good.
The vege is just normal, but at least it is sourish enough. And the pork ball was also good, because they have substance. When chewing them, you can feel that they have less flour than what we mostly get in the market. In case you do not understand what I mean, try cutting a piece of pork ball into half with a blunt object (ie spoon). If it parts clearly means there are more flour. If it parts with zig-zagging texture broken in between, then there are more meat.
Basically the meal was quite good and not costly. It is just that, I have not found the right shop.

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