Sunday, August 12, 2007

3U Restoran

I heard and read a lot about this restaurant. It was said that the owners pride themselves for the quality of soup they offer. When I reached the place, it was packed with people. The 3 main types of noodles they offer are prawn noodle, beef noodle and chicken slices with hor fun (cantonese for flat rice noodle). You'll find they play around this 3 variety in the menu.We decided to order a braised beef brisket noodle, a beansprout chicken hor fun and a bowl of wanton (cantonese for prawn dumpling). While waiting, I managed to take some picture of the food they put up on the wall. Not very clear but just to give you a flavour of the other types of noodles available.

Location : Taynton View, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Rating : Big ups and downs

The first thing that came was prawn wanton. The soup was really great.
The wanton was alright. Prawn meat isn't very chunky or crunchy, but at least they are quite fresh.
The next to arrive was the beansprout chicken hor fun. Again the soup was really good, but the hor fun was not hot enough. The beansprout was normal (maybe slightly fatter than the usual lot, but Ipoh's beansprout are fatter). The chicken was smooth and soft, but we found the skin not properly cleaned.
Finally is the braised beef brisket noodle. Soup was again superb, but we found the meat too big a piece and no evidence of sufficiently braised, as the meat is quite hard to chew.I believe they cut the meat at the wrong direction. This resulted in big chunk of meat and tendon, when it should be inter-layered thinly.
I feel bad that I gave such verdict when many people applauded the place, but I was really disappointed too. Food industry isn't easy. To focus at 1 specific area is good, but other aspects shouldn't be neglected. Sigh... I do not mean to be philosophical, but when comes to quality I wouldn't have it otherwise. Or else, no point blogging.


leong said...

The chef have left 3u Restaurant 9 month ago,He has open his own Restaurant in Bandar Puchong Jaya,By the name Three U Kopitiam.So the Authentic taste is in Three U Kopitiam because Chef Liew has well keep his original recipe.If you want to taste his Food or Soup Please came to Three U Kopitiam at No.9,Jln Kenari 7,Bandar Puchong Jaya,47100 Puchong,Sel.and u can Contact Person Mr.Leong H/P:012-3161189

Pinky said...

I am not sure how true is the statement claimed by Leong. But if you feel like trying, go ahead and tell me if it is true.