Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gai Wor Pau by Clan Restaurant

At 2am in the morning, my dad bought this "gai wor pau" (cantonese literally translated as chicken nest bun) for us to try. I kept the box with me, thinking of visiting the place some day. That some day came when my ex-colleagues called for breakfast reunion.

Location: Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Average

The address pointed to the back door of the shop. When we walked in, we were greeted with stacks of gai wor pau. This pau must really be in demand. So without further ado we ordered 2 gai wor pau. It is quite interesting, really. You have steamed buns pre cooked, then stuff cooked glutinous rice with bbq meat and wine chicken. Then they are put in the rattan tray for another round of steaming. When served on table, the buns were cut into sixes.

The glutinous rice filling is very moist and fragrant. One thing I found interesting is that they included fried large onions in there as well. I supposed it help improve fragrance, sweetness and moisture of the fillings. Other than that, the remaining ingredients are quite standard of "lo mai kai" (glutinous rice with wine chicken).
Another type of pau called "wor jai pau" or "kai wor jai" I can't recall. Basically it is smaller in size and has a topping similar of steamed brown sugar cake for topping. The brown sugar steam cakes are also called "ma lai kou" (malay cakes).
The filling is just normal bbq meat. Something different, yes... but the mix doesn't really match. I don't taste the fragrant of the meat or the pau or the cake. The combination didn't really cause a synergy. As Malaysian would say it - so so lah.. Next in line is the black pepper meat pau. Well this is quite good. The meat is fragrant enough, but not too over powering.Of course there are many more choices of dim sum as shown on the trays below.Our standard order of siew mai (pork dumpling) was just average. Not especialy fresh or tasty or bad. Really average.Even the "har mai" (prawn dumpling) is so average. The filling isn't like Ipoh's dim sum filled with fresh whole sweet prawns. More like mince meat wrap around 1 prawn per mai. Nothing special.Sigh... verdict same as the mai's above. We also ordered porridge. The look itself is just disappointing. No garnishes and limited ingredients. More suitable to be taken when sick. As a last resort, we ordered chee cheong fun (white rice noodles rolled with pork/prawns). The noodles weren't hot enough. The sauce is too little. How can things go so downhill?
As a conclusion, I can only say the shop offers something different that are not bad. But other stuff are just so average.


ekeng said...

Yummy...gai wor pau...i saw this on HO CHIAK(8TV)..really wanna try it out..

Pinky said...

Ekeng - Well it is something new lah.. Try it and tell us how you find it :)