Thursday, November 01, 2007

Restoran Sin Hoy How - Dry Curry Mee & White Coffee

This is pretty Ipoh-Hainanese style of dried curry noodles. What with its famous white coffee. A potential for Ipoh-ans to quench their cravings for dried curry noodles. The place is quite easy to find. It is along the

Location: Jalan Tun H.S Lee, Masjid Jamek Area, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Above average

There are curry noodles too, but its standard would be average to below average if my review is on the curry noodles. The dry curry noodles is at least better.
Now, how is this a typical Ipoh-Hainanese dried curry, you might ask. Well the noodles will usually be doused with thin curry soup and then topped with another layer of thick curry chicken sauce. Other accompaniments usually include bbq pork and some beansprouts. Are they good? Well, I would say above average when compared to most Kuala Lumpur stalls/shops. The curry is quite fragrant. But other than that, the remaining ingredients are rather average.
Its white coffee is very famous among its patrons. It is fragrant and smooth. I find it a bit strong and sweet too. But at least it is not 3 in 1 white coffee.
The thick coffee coupled with the thick froth forms part of the pull factor. Did you notice something on the surface of the coffees? These are not created by us. Work of art by the "taukeh" (boss/owner) maybe?Note: Although they open on Saturdays, the quality is somewhat lower. Suggest you go during weekdays.


Mật ong nguyên chất said...

Look at that froth! I want I want! RM2? Quite steep for a coffeeshop right?

Pinky said...

Mật ong nguyên chất, I will have to agree with you. This was in 2007. Now the price is even higher. What to do? Demand higher than supply. Quite difficult to find decent Ipoh white coffee in KL.