Monday, November 19, 2007

Restoran Berputar Seri Angkasa (Revolving Restaurant) on KL Tower

From the first time I heard about the revolving restaurant at the top of KL Tower, I have always imagined a classy and romantic settings. Two people sitting at a table, holding hands, face towards the high window, eyes overseeing the lights in the city with fragrant of wine lingering at the tip of the tongue. Zip!

That's the sound of my wandering mind came back to reality. The restaurant's target market are businessmen and tourists. Buffet with a spread of some asian and some western food. Long squarish or big roundish table for at least 6. Sigh... Does reality always has to be so hard to swallow?!

Location: K.L. Tower, Off Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Average

I don't normally assess the ambience because food is my main concern. Sometimes best food can be sitting next to a large sewerage drain for all we know. An exception here because this is... "Da Revolving Restaurant". Rumours that bookings for this place lined up to the next year. Well that's why they are called rumours.The settings were generally simple but slightly crowded and narrow, as there is limited space for the restaurant to utilise. I would suggest diners to come earlier in the evening so that you can witness the darkening skyline. It is more interesting to experience the twilight than pure night lights.
Now about the food. They have 3 stations. The one below is solely Malaysian fare. Rice, meats, veges, kerabus (mixed local salad), and some roti (bread). Taste wise, nothing to shout about.
The second station is more international mix of asian and western. You've got sushis, pastas, roast lamb, fresh salads, fresh oysters, and appetisers.The sushi rice was too moist and pressed too hard, making the rice lost its texture. Too lumpy for my liking.The variety of appetisers are ok. Average taste.These are supposed to be fresh oysters, but I smell a little not-so-fresh. Just a little, but enough to make me stay away. Anyway, I have decided to stay away as I realised I am eating something live and raw. When I think bout it, it's kinda cruel.
The last station is for desserts. A variety of western and local desserts, including pengat durian (cooked durian fruit with coconut milk and palm sugar).
What I find delightful is the way they decorate the desserts. It is quite beautifully done.There are also a number of chocolate cakes, all for the ladies.

Then there are mini chocolate tarts and mini rum ball (minus the rum, as this place is halal).
Even more mini chocolate and vanilla cakes and rolls.
The local fruits are also attractively displayed. I would say the effort is quite commendable at this station.I can't say this is the best buffet spread, but the effort is there. Business wise, this might actually work better than the dreamy restaurant I imagined. But taste wise they are just average.


jean said...

whats the price range on Sunday? buffet/lunch/dinner

Pinky said...

Hello dear. I believe the price is about RM55 per pax. Kids are cheaper. Hi tea is even cheaper. Where as dinner is about RM80. But I suggest you call up to ask, just to be sure.