Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ikan Bakar Gerai Seri Melaka at Jalan Bellamy

My cravings for ikan bakar (grilled fish) kicked in and I can't think of any place except Jalan Bellamy. You have seen my previous posting . But this is another shop just 1 door away. And I have to say this is a better ikan bakar place.

Location: Jallan Bellamy, behind King's Palace, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Good

The variety and freshness is average. There is a choice of flowery crab, talapia, stingray, keli, kembong, cockles, squids and prawns. I stick to my usual stingray. The cook dip the fish in a personally prepared sauce and transfer it straight onto the hot pan.
While waiting, I looked around the place and noticed that this shop is rather famous with more than 10 years of experience. But I suspect the night operators are different with the day operators, so I withhold my expectation.

When the fish came, I thought it wasn't bad. But they only serve sambal without the air assam (tamarind juice mixed with chili and shallots).
Mixing the fish with a hearty dollop of sambal, I quickly had a mouthful (haha... forgive my recklessness). I was quite surprised to find the skin crispy and fragrant, while the meat still soft and moist. And the sambal is also good. Now I know why there is no air assam. It has been mixed together with the sambal belacan. Straightaway I knew I will be back again and again and again. hehehe..In addition to ikan bakar, we also ordered mixed tom yum (Thai hot and sour soup). Many ingredients are used including chicken, fish, prawns and squids. But I find the soup isn't as fragrant as the actual Thais. What I am glad is that the soup base didn't come from the cubed flavourings. At least they are from fresh spices and herbs.
The hungry ogre in us decided to order more. We asked for telur dadar (omelet) and fried kangkung (water spinach). All these are, in my opinion, great combination with steaming hot white rice. I love all the dishes served in small sizes. And they are very economical. The entire meal cost about Rm25-ish. I say that's fair!

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