Friday, December 28, 2007

Quickie : Beef Noodles at Ngau Kee

I think it is fair to say that this used to be a famous beef noodles stall around Jalan Alor. Nowadays, the place seemed a bit empty. Kinda expected it. Went there few years back and found the noodles over cooked and the soup+meat nothing special. Since a colleague from Borneo hasn't tried it before, I decided to accompany her and revisit this place.
The chilli is the vinegar and ginger type.
My friend ordered dry noodles. Plenty of minced beef sauce, yet still look unappetising to me.
The noodles came with a bowl of beef balls and meats. So little to offer.
But when my bowl of Koay Teow Soup (flat rice noodles) came, I thought it was quite alright. Though the soup is a bit dark, but it suits me well. I wouldn't mind coming back for the koay teow.

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