Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Restoran Noor - Lunch Express (Mamak Style)

As I followed my colleague cutting through roads, lanes and buildings to get to this place, I wonder how others manage to discover this eatery? For those that are not sure how to come to this place, just walk along the up-river from Masjid Jamek LRT station. You'll find it.. eventually :P

Location: Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur
Rating: Good

This is a hot spot for office workers during lunch hour. Nomatter where I turn, there are rows of long tables occupied with patrons busy digging into their curried rice. Not to be outdone. We ordered our fair share of dishes. There are (clockwise sambal chicken, curry fish, rice with a standard vege, and fried chicken).

The sambal chicken (chicken with thick spicy sauce) is strongly flavoured with spices. The meat is tender and fragrant, but tend to be too rich with rice. Not recommended for those with small appetite.
The curry fish is also heavy laiden with spice and sourish in taste. Mixing the sauce with white rice is mouth-watering. It is also less rich and healthier, hence making it a rather famous choice for the health conscious groupie. The fried chicken is tender and well flavoured. The meat is tender but may be a bit too dry. No worries though, as all rice are accompanied with a small plate of fish curry.
The vege dish that comes with the rice is standard and choices depends on the owner. It could be cabbage, bitter gourd, etc.
It is a rather simple affair, but a complete meal that's fast and uncomplicated.


yammylicious said...

ytd i whole day craving for banan leaf.. while i just forget about it and i spot it here again.. althou not banna leaf but look at thm!! they enjoy eating with their hand!! finger licking good! arggg i wan to dip my hand into the curry and lick it clean~ SLurp! =)

Pinky said...

yammylicious: You're totally right. Nothing beats diggin into hot steamy rice soaked with curries. Yummy!